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Full Body Wash Gloves

Easier than ever to get a full body clean on the go!


If you are active then it's a no brainer to stick a pack of these in your car. They smell great and are way easier to use than standard wipes!

Kevin Strompe, MI

I own a crossfit gym and we've recently begun stocking these for our customers. Everyone LOVES these for a quick clean after their workout! They are great!

Amy Fisher, Tampa, FL

Amazing Wipes! The smell is very mild and the cleaning is superb! You could never need to shower again!!

Dan Wilson, CO

All Natural Full Body Wipes!

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Why Choose AMX?

Gentle on Skin

Our full body wipes are designed to not only clean you better, but they improve your skin as you go...

Loaded with Provitamin B5, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Nipaguard®, Panthenol Moisturizer, and Barrier Cream these wipes will not only give you a shower clean feel but will moisturize and heal your skin the more you use them.

Designed for Everyone

AMX full body wipes are designed for anyone to use, anywhere, anytime. Whether you are a professional athlete, avid hiker, like to bike to work, or just get sweaty working outside all day, AMX wipes will help you smell and feel clean all day long.

Don't get trapped in an office meeting ,car ride, or airline flight again without a quick wipe to get you back to that fresh clean feeling. Our XL wipes are the perfect size for any occasion...

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Easy to use

Our glove shaped wipe makes cleaning all over your body super easy. It's simple to insert your hand inside and start wiping. Each wipe is an XL size and one often is enough to clean you from top to bottom, tip to tail.

Our wipe is impregnated with body cleaning goodness throughout so when the outside gets dirty, you just need to turn it inside out and continue cleaning for true 4 sided cleanse...Take that baby wipes!!